NCC Volume Two Housing Provisions


Physical Book

NCC Volume Two Housing Provisions primarily covers the design and construction of smaller scale buildings including houses, small sheds, carports and some associated structures.

The NCC Housing Provisions is Australia’s primary set of technical design and construction provisions for buildings. As a performance-based code, it sets the minimum required level for the safety, health, amenity, accessibility and sustainability of certain buildings. It primarily applies to the design and construction of new buildings, and plumbing and drainage systems in new and existing buildings. In some cases it may also apply to structures associated with buildings and new building work or new plumbing and drainage work in existing buildings.This is the definitive guide to construction outlining all technical codes and regulations for the construction of dwellings. If you are a domestic builder this is an essential item in terms of the building codes of today.

Please note for commercial builders both Volume One and Volume Two of the NCC Housing Provisions go hand in hand.

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