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Find the study location
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About Don

Don Fraser is the owner and director of Licence
to Build. He has over 20 years experience in
developments and building and currently
specialises in multi-unit townhouse
constructions. With a Masters Degree in
Business and 20 years experience in running his
own business, Don is perfectly placed to help
tradespeople gain their building licences.


Our Services

Our comprehensive range of services ensures you are completely prepared for the VBA tests.

Small Group Training

With a maximum 15 students per class, you’ll receive tailored coaching that covers everything you need for your Domestic Builder’s Licence.

Classroom-Based Teaching

We know most tradespeople hate books but love plans. Therefore we emphasize plan designs and the Australian Standards and NCC in all our teachings.

Online Exercise Program

To assist you in your studies, we provide an extensive eLearning platform where you can run through simulated VBA test scenarios, an extensive range of quiz exercises, training videos and downloadable plans to practice with.

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